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History : The credit in the History of Canadian Baptist Church goes to Dr. A. V. Timpany who was a Canadian came to India to work as missionary with American Baptist Mission in 1869. He worked in that mission who purchased 110 Acre of a big compound in Ramayampatam. He started a church there. Later on it became the center for theological education. After a year his son in law Rev. John Mc Laurin joined with him to work with the American Baptist mission. On the request of TALURI MARAYYA (THOMAS GABRIEL) the due missionaries contacted the Canadian Church to start an independent mission among Telugu people in Northeran Costal Districts of Andhra Pradesh. The Canadian Mission Board in the request made by the duo missionaries sent a Telegram “Go to Co-Canada on the basis of your letter and resignation”.

The Canadian Baptist Mission history begins from Rev. John Mc Laurin arrives at Kakinada on 12 March 1974, which was the Genesis of CBM in India. Thomas Gabriel gave welcome to the first missionary of CBM Canada to start the mission at Kakinada. This was spread to 7 costal Districts of Andhra Pradesh. Soon the missionaries recognized that the spread of gospel to the Telugu people needs the Telugu Theological Trained people. This gave the way to think of establishing a Seminary.

Theological Education

Regular theological education sponsored by the Canadian Baptist Mission began in 1882 as part of Samalkot Boy’s School under the great leader ship of John Mc Laurin. The seminary was made one of the departments.

Seminary at Kakinada

In 1912 the new Mc Laurin High school building was constructed in Kakinada providing a separate department for theological Education. This was called as Co -Canada Seminary. There were 12 students in this department. In 1916 other missionaries were also sending some students for theological training to this Baptist Seminary. Out of 12 students 9 were Baptist, 2 Mennonites and one from the Presbyterian church in North India. The Seminary merged with the Ramayampatnam Baptist Theological Seminary, in Nellore district. In 1928, the Seminary moved back to Kakinada from Ramayampatnam. CBM reopened their theological school in July 1928 in the Old Livet Mission Bungalow. Rev. Ch. Bhanumurthy was the in charge of the Theological department and Rev. M. Theophilus assisted.

Moving to New Site – Jagnnaickpur

The Timpany Anglo Indian School in Jagannaickpur had been closed in December 1924. In 1926, the present Seminary building was purchased from Timpany school society and the adjacent Dutch building that was build a fifty years ago was also purchased. The Seminary was named as JEEVAMRUTHA PATASALA. Later it’s named as BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.

There were some courses offered in the Baptist Theological Seminary like L.Th ., C.Th., G.Th and S.Th.